Udacity self driving car engineer nanodegree Term-1

I’ve involved in Udacity’s Self diring car nanodegree May cohort. Here are the recommended due dates for term1 projects. I’m very exiceted and can’t wait to study on them. Project Due Finding Lane Lines June 1 Traffic Sign Classification July 3 Behavioral Cloning July 24 Advanced Lane Finding August 7 Vehicle Tracking August 21 End of Term 1 September 4 Read On →


Studied Aerospace Engineering, Computational Aerodynamics Worked in defense industry for three years in R&D Developing web/mobile apps for more than ten years Interested in AI, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Self-driving cars Enjoys writing code, composing music, reading Read On →

Fun with SpeechKit - WordRun: Speech recognition gamified

Speaking (Pronunciation) practice game for iOS using Speech api. Why? With a little research, i couldn’t find enough tools for speaking. Pronunciation especially. Thinking lack of a speaking-practicing app with the brand new iOS 10 voice recognition api, i thought it might make a small but useful and also amusing game. I call it WordRun. The name contains run, because it’s like an endless running game. You see the word on screen and pronunciate it properly. Read On →

Developing a sokoban clone with React and Redux

Please click on the map to play. Use w-a-s-d keys to move. Push green boxes on the yellow tiles. (play here) You can get the full source here : https://github.com/yortuc/ReduxSokoban Sokoban is an ancient video game if you haven’t heard it yet. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sokoban) Why? This project is consist of my experiments on the technologies i’ve been playing around for a while. And i thought, it might be a useful example to see the big picture of how an ideal application architecture would be. Read On →

Neden React?

Hızlı cevap: uygulama state‘ini yönetebilmek için. Neyimiz Eksik ? Modern web ugulamaları için uygulama state’lerini yönetmek ve uygulamanın bunlara cevap vermesini sağlamak gittikçe daha da zor bir hale geliyor. Bugüne kadar bu sorunu büyük ölçüde istemci taraflı MVC (ya da benzer MVVM, MV-whatever) yapıları ile çözmeye çalıştık. (Knockout, Angular, Backbone …) Geldiğimiz nokta şu: Bir yerden sonra kim neyi güncelliyor ipin ucunu kaçırmak işten bile değil. Çünkü; uygulama state’lerinden her birinin değişip değişmediğini ve değiştiğinde uygulamanın ne yapması gerektiğini tek tek bizim söylememiz gerekiyor. Read On →