Objects: Programmatic design app

After getting an iPad pro, as everyone, we started playing with amazing Procreate app. Personally, I do not have that much of drawing skills but I like to draw lines, cubes and geometric patterns on paper when I am bored. That made me think about a small drawing/design app which allows users to create such things with a programmable interface.

First draft

Then I started playing in my 15 minutes free time in a day. (Having one boy and a baby takes all your free time away). Here is the first ever demo.


How to use

Program will have 3 main components.

Object: Will serve a basis to creating patterns. Object can be a rectangle, circle, free drawing and so on. User will be able to change the look of object through styling properties.

Cloner: Can be applied to objects. This will clone the object in a specific way and create a pattern (group in fabricjs). After that, another(or the same cloner) can be applied to the end result.

Modifier: Can be applied only groups, since, modifies the objects in group in some structured way. Can create a color gradient, can change some arbitrary propery of all the objects depending on some custom function (linear, exp, ...)

There will be read-to-use cloners and modifiers and user can copy and edit the code. Or, crete new cloners or modifiers from scratch, with code and/or some UI.

This is starting of a fun project which I do not commit anything.

The next demo:

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