Roadmap for 2020

It's already May, 4 months from 2020 is gone, still we have 8 month left in front of us.

Professional Work

I am currently working in BMW Autonomous Driving Campus, on drive analytics. Drive analytics means driving statistics from real drive data. We need to match logical scenarios like cut-in in real driving data and extract concrete scenarios.

Domain knowledge

Software engineering

Interest topics

Books I want to read

This year I want to read more books. The books on my list so far:

Algorithm Studies

I did the half of the Leetcode's 30 days of code challenge. Finish this and document the solutions in details.

Side Projects

My biggest hobby is also programming. I've always loved working on even very irrelevant side projects. But, I aslo have a habit of starting many projects and finishing none of them. And remmember the motto: Stop starting, start finishing. For this year I want to keep the list small. I will write detailed descriptions of each in the near future.

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